We interviewed some spray foam technicians who have several years of experience and exposure in the industry and ask them what are the common issues and problems that they often see in the houses and their insulations. It can be in a form of not being able to get the job done, some breakdowns, bleeding money, or loss of yield.  


While there are several reliable and trusted companies that offer best-quality services such as the wall insulation Richmond VA, and other local companies, there are still others that do not give you the results you expect.  




In this article, we will share to you what the specialist and experts have observed when it comes to mistakes that some contractors do.  


1.Not storing the material properly 

The spray foam is a type of  chemical that needs to put under 70 to 80 degrees, although it is important to read the label to ensure that you are filling the correct instructions.  


Generally, when the material is exposed in the 50 to 70-degree range, they become harder and thicker to pump as is needs to. When this happens, it causes cavitation and of ratio foam, and some inoperative machine because it may not spray properly. 


The worst thing happens when your material is exposed under 50 degrees as it may undergo in a state that cannot be fixed anymore. Likewise, when you exposed it over 80 degrees, it can result in a loss of blowing agent in closed cell resins.  


So, it is ideal to keep them between 70 and 80.  


2.Not properly cleaning and maintaining the SPF equipment 

Cleaning and maintenance of this equipment is a very easy task to do but sometimes overlooked by some contractors. What they fail to realize so that improper maintenance and passive cleaning will yield into negative consequences. The Y strainers need to be maintained and checked every week, as well as the pump, needs to be changed when it gets cloudy. Do this once or twice a week.  


3.Maintain your gun 

Without the gun, the efficient installation will not be achieved. And the gun is actually one of the common problems why some contractors do not achieve the results they want. Your gun is made of different parts attached to form one single tool. Make sure that the whole equipment is thoroughly clean, and there are no cracks and scratches on the side seals and mix chamber. Also, make sure that the o-rings are regularly removed and replaced.  


4.Be attentive and avoid overspray 

Overspray can be very messy and inconvenient. Overspray means the material swirls around the door frames and window. If you aren’t very careful, it gets carried away by the wind and will go to crevices, cracks, etc.  


Final thoughts 

We have just given to you some of the common problems that experts see contractors sometimes do. Whenever you want an insulation installation, make sure that you hire a professional contractor and that it provides you the result that you expect in your house and insulation